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Hot inshore action: Flounder, Trout, and Drum

We had been hammered by the weather for over a week.  Finally, around the holiday the weather gave us a break and plenty of sunshine.  We headed out early in the morning to beat the boat traffic and to get into the early morning trout bite.   After a little bit of instruction the lines went into the water and from that point on we had non stop action.  We were catching fish as fast as we could get the baits in the water.  We caught 30+ speckled trout ranging from 12 inches up to 23 inches and there was also some lady fish mixed in which was fun as well.  We left the trout to search out some reds and again we got into some nice action.  We caught several nice just under slot fish and we were also able to land a couple of slot fish.  After catching 2 of the 3 inshore slam species we had to go after the flounder.  We moved again in search of a flounder to finish our inshore slam.  The action was a little slower but we were able to land a nice flounder on a rage shrimp to seal the deal.  The weather should be good for a while so I will keep posting some more updates shortly.




Southport Gator Trout and Slot Red Fish, summer fishing is here!!!!!

Forecast was light wind and possible scattered rain storms. Headed out with 3 great men in search of some keeper trout and red drum. Tide was still rising when we go the lines in the water. It was not long and we had the first fish on, it was a small trout. We continued on fishing in the marsh and it wasn’t long before the fight was on again. This time it was very nice trout which size in around 19 inches. The action continued on and we were able to catch some nice lady fish before we decided to move to the next location. Right as we set forth to move we encountered the first of many rain storms. At this point the tide was falling and we targeted several ambush points in the marsh and oyster beds. Again we got into non stop action of reds and trout. We were able to land another very nice speckled trout which measured 21 inches and numerous lower slot reds. We continued to keep fishing even though the rain kept soaking us not stop. There is not much bait around and that means the fish are hungry and ready to feed and that is what they did all day. Live shrimp and gulp were the favored food choices today. I took some pictures at the boat ramp but for some reason my camera did not pick up well, it must of got wet.


Carolina Beach Family Day Bottom Fishing

Had the benefit of taking a mother and two young girls bottom fishing this week. The kids had not had a lot of experience fishing so we decided to tie on some bottom shrimp rigs and see what they could catch. The whole day was non-stop action and the girls had the greatest time catching the wide variety of fish. They were able to catch numerous pig fish, croakers, pin fish, black sea bass, black drum, and other different types. During the limited time we fished, the girls learned so much and caught on so fast. Though we weren’t out catching massive trophy fish, we were able to create a fun and memorable experience that hopefully will motivate these girls to keep fishing.

Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach Flounder Gigging Updates

Was able to go gigging a couple of times this past week at Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. The tide and weather forecast looked to be good the first night so we headed out just before dark. Just as we were just about to start, the small chance of rain turned in to severe thunderstorm quickly. We had to head to hill to dodge the incoming storm for about an hour. After the storm passed we headed back out to a good evening of gigging. The storm did not mess up the gigging and we were able to land several nice fish. The following night we headed out of Carolina Beach with a light wind forecast and clear skies. The previous night and morning the same storm had went through this area and really clouded the water. Again, the weather forecast was inaccurate and the wind blew 20 + mph the whole evening. The other giggers headed to the hill early but we decided to keep covering ground. Though there were many challenges we were still able to land a nice flounder and were able to see several undersized fish. That is fishing, but the main thing is everyone had fun.

Carolina Beach Flounder Gigging

Put the lights in the water just after sun down. We have been having a lot of wind and rain lately which has really made the water cloudy. Early into the night we were able to find several undersized fish before we finally picked up a couple of keepers. The red drum where everywhere on the flats and near the creeks. We continued on for a few more hours and were able to gig a couple more keeper flounder. Given the not so ideal gigging conditions we still made the best of the evening and landed several nice fish. It was also good to see the abundance of fish in the 10 to 15 inch range and knowing the larger fish will keep moving in.

Flounder Gigging Wrightsville Beach

Was able to get away for a short flounder gigging trip to try out the new light setup.  We gigged for about and hour and half and even though the water conditions weren’t ideal, we were able to still get a couple of nice ones.  The largest flounder was 23 inches and weighed in at 5.5 lbs.  We saw several in the 10 to 14 inch range which is a good sign of what is to come.



Southport and Buzzard Bay Trout and Flounder

The flounder are starting to move in and the trout bite is getting much better. A lot of the trout are being caught on DOA shrimp as well as gulp. The flounder have also been falling for gulp and they also can not resist a live menhaden on a carolina rig. The fishing has been most productive during the tide changes in the creeks and also around the hard structures. The fishing will on get better as the water continue to warms and we get closer to summer.



Topsail Island Redfish Action

While on vacation I was able to fish with a good friend for some puppy drum.  The weather was trying not to cooperate with us and all factors such as full moon, front coming in, and very strong NW winds indicated a possible bad day of fishing.  We headed out anyway in our search to catch some reds and the hope that the wind would lay down some.  The tide was falling so we decided to try and get out of the wind and fish the creek mouths.  It did not take long and after changing up different lures we finally starting getting into some action.  We fished for only a couple of hours before  we decided to quit battling the wind.  We were able to catch and release several nice reds and gulp seemed to be the preferred bait of choice.


New River Spanish, Blues, and Bonito

I finally was able to take a week off for vacation with my wife and two labs.  We stayed at Topsail Island for the week and the weather was great.  One morning we decided to head out and catch some Spanish and also to see if there were any bonito still around.  The tide was changing and the wind was blowing which made the inlet a little ruff.  Once out of the inlet the Spanish were everywhere.  After trolling for only a few minutes all of the rods were going off and the action never stopped the duration of the morning.  The wind began to blow harder so we decided to come in early after only a few hours but we finished with numerous blues, Spanish, and a Bonito.


Finally High Speed Internet!

Just letting you know there will be a lot more fishing reports and pictures coming.  Over the past two years I have not had high speed internet at my new house due to the location of where I live.  Finally, Wild Blue Exceeds became available in my area and I now have the ability to upload pictures and to post reports.  If you are in a location that does not offer DSL or Cable, I highly recommend Wild Blue.  Now back to fishing……..

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