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Slow offshore bite so settled for some Flounder!

Left Carolina Beach Inlet around 7:00 a.m. We set out to try and catch some early morning kings about 10-12 miles out and we did not have any luck. The wind was blowing hard out of the SW and the water temps were not good. The fish were not corporating with us today and from talking to other Captains they had the same luck. Came back in and decided to do some nearshore flounder fishing. Once anchored we picked up some oyster toads before we finally reeled up the first flounder. We had a couple of other bites after that and the flounder kept getting us hung up on structure. There is not a worst feeling that feeling the fish pulling but you can’t do nothing about it, usually if you let it be they will eventually untangle themselves. I wish that would have happened, but it didn’t. If we would have had more time and if the weather would have let up, we would have been able to pull up more flatties.

Carolina Beach Flounder and Hammerhead Shark!

I have to first start by saying I am sorry for not having the camera today, it is in California being fixed from being dropped. Started out this morning at about 7:15 to head to some nearshore reefs to do some flounder fishing. We get to the first spot and we missed a couple of fish, everyone was still learning what to do. A few minutes later we have another bite and this time we bring up a nice flounder. Begin fishing again and out of no where I see a hugh storm building and coming our way. The weather man said there was a 20% chance of rain today in the afternoon, he was defiantly wrong about this one. By the time we got everything up it had made it to us. It was not looking pretty, but we made it back inside just fine. We decided to do some fishing in the river and it turned out to be a little bit slow. We caught oyster toads, a 4 foot wide stingray, and a 3 1/2 foot hammerhead shark. We again had several flounder bites but we just could not land them today. Though we didn’t have the most productive day, the clients learned some valueable information on flounder fishing and can continue to perfect their game. There are plenty of fish around now!

Carolina Beach Nearshore Trolling for Kings!!

After having to cancel 2 trips due to weather this past week, decided to head out for a little while this afternoon to do some nearshore king mackerel fishing. Left the Carolina Beach boat ramp at 2:00 pm and found all the bait (menhaden) you could want in the boat basin. The wind by now was blowing +15 knots out of the South/Southwest. Decided to go ahead and troll near the beach for some kings since the bite has been good all week. The ocean was ruff and white caping everywhere. In the first 20 minutes we had a nice fish on, it turned out to be a 22 lb king on the short bait. Continued trolling and 15 minutes later had another fish on, this time the king hit the ribbon fish. This king put up a good fight and it ended up weighing 14 lbs. Continued trolling but the wind got stronger and the waves got bigger. Fished for another hour before I decided to call it a day, the wind was not going to corporate. The only other action we had was another king skied but missed the bait. The way the forecast looks for the next couple days, I don’t think anyone is going to be able to do any fishing.

22 lbking

Carolina Beach Nearshore Bottom Fishing: Sea Bass, Grey Trout, Croakers, Spade Fish, and More!!!

Left Carolina Beach inlet today at 7:00 a.m. Clients wanted to do some nearshore bottom fishing, so we fished several areas that turned out to be quite successful. Wind was blowing calm at first and then is progressively got stronger, thus chopping up the water. We were able to snag several grey trout, sea bass, croakers, spade fish, grunts, and more. We had a hugh fish that about spooled us that we never got in. We fought it for about 20 minutes before it broke 50 lb braided line. I saw it reach the top once, it looked like a good size cobia. Did not take the camera today so I don’t have any pictures.

Offshore Carolina Beach: Kings, Barracudas, Sharks and More!!!

Left Snow’s Cut boat ramp at 7:30 a.m., the wind was blowing 25 knots from the North.  It was blowing so hard that it was white caping in the intercoastal waterway.  The forecast was 10-15 out the West.  The forecast was about 4 hours off because it did get better as the day progressed.  Headed out Carolina Beach Inlet and it was horrible, I saw two boats about flip over backwards.  Clients wanted to try and catch some sharks so we headed south staying near to the beach. Didn’t have much luck but the wind died and the seas began to lay down.  Caught some bait in the ocean, hugh pogies pods are everywhere near shore, and decided to head off about 22 miles.  It was still rough out there but we began trolling a ledge where it was instant action.  First fish to the boat was roughly a 15 lb king.  There were other fish swimming with it so I tried to get them to take a bait, and then I noticed them all leave quickly.  I looked at the king beside the boat and was about to gaff him when a 8 foot tiger shark ate him leaving me nothing but the head.  It was great the people on the boat got to see this happen, they were pretty excited.  Started trolling again and hook up after hook up with barracudas and sharks.  We landed one 30+ lb barracuda that jumped atleast 15 feet out the water.  We were going to head in and fish one place on the way back when another captain called me and told me he was on some bait balls about 3 miles away.  We decided to head that way and it was well worth it.  As long as you stayed near the bait it was non stop action, more kings than you could ever want.  We had to leave the fish and head back in for the day.  It was a nice ride back in at 30 knots.



Carolina Beach: Another day Offshore fishing for the Pelagics.

Left Carolina Beach Inlet at 7:00 a.m. heading about 15 miles out.  Forecast was 2-4 feet with NW 10-15 knots. For once, I can say they defiantly got this one right.  The good news is it was supposed to switch to the W less than 10 knots and it did.  Trolled live bait around some areas that had been productive all week, nothing.  Decided to move off another 5 miles to fish a rock and had a hit on the downrigger.  It ended up being a miss so we kept on trolling and had another hit on the downrigger.  This time we landed it and it was an 8 lb king.  Maybe the day was going to pick up for us.  I decided to move to another place and when we got there we had a couple of misses before we hooked up with a Mahi Mahi.  This was a beautiful fish, defiantly a “gaffer”.  As I was trying to get other lines out the way, the fish came close to gaffing range and then took off again,  jumped and threw the hooks.  We  also had a small Cobia messing with the short bait but would never take it.  It was a slow day but atleast we had some action, from what I heard on the radio everyone was having about the same luck.  It must have been the cold front that came through the night before.


Wrightsville Beach: More King and Dolphin Action, the nearshore bite is on fire!!!

Left out of Masonboro Inlet around 7:00 a.m. to head out about 10 miles.  The fishing has been on fire this whole week close in to the beach.  It was smooth as a lake on the way out.  I tried a couple of areas were I had good luck previously in the week for dolphin but there was not much happening, caught a couple kings and lost a good bit more.  Headed out about another mile or so and found some good signs, flying fish and grass.  After putting the lines in, it wasn’t long until the Mahi Mahi found the bait.  We lost 4 and ended up catching 2 before it was time to go back in.  The waves picked up and with a lot of chop, made for a wet ride in. All in all, another good day on the water.

Dolphin and KingsHolding Dolphin

Offshore Wrightsville Beach: Mahi Mahi and Kings non stop action!!!

Left the Wrightsville Beach boat ramp at 7:00 a.m. with the mission for my client to catch his first Mahi Mahi and King Mackerel.  After catching some nice size menhaden, we headed out about 12 miles from Masonboro Inlet.  The winds were blowing out of the NE which made the water choppy.  Though it was a slow ride out, it was well worth it when we got out there.  As soon as I got the first line out we were already hooked up.  It was a 9 lb king, as I was about to gaff it I see a yellow tail swimming behind it.  Of course immediatly I grab another pole  and toss a bait to the dolphin and before I even had time to flip the drag he had it and bird nested my line.  Next thing I hear is “Pop”! It was non stop action all day. I could hardly get a line out before the kings and dolphin took off with the bait.  We landed several nice fish and we lost several others. 

Dolphin and KingsReelin the dolphin

Offshore Carolina Beach Kings and Inshore Flounder!!!

After catching bait, we headed 20 miles from Carolina Beach Inlet to try and catch some King Mackerel and Cobia.  It was a little bumpy on the way out and continued throughout the day.  We started out catching as many as you wanted 20-30 lb Amberjacks.  They are a great pull and for someone who has never caught them, they don’t give up easy!  Moved on to some live bottom where we were able to pick up some nice kings and a 4 lb spanish mackerel.  The bite was not as strong as it was yesterday.  The wind started to blow harder so we came back in to try and catch a flounder.  The Cape Fear River was rough, the tide was changing and the wind was blowing hard out the SE.  We fished for about 45 mintues and picked up one keeper flounder before we called it a day.

King MackerelKing

Offshore Carolina Beach: Cobia, Dolphin, and Kings!!!

Was able to fish today with my wonderful father and brother in-law.  We left Snow’s Cut boat ramp at around 1:00 in the afternoon to try and catch some big fish.  After easily catching bait (live pogies), we headed about 22 miles out to fish some ledges.  The wind was blowing less than 10 knots out of the west and could not of made for a smoother ride out.  Shortly after the lines were in, fish on! Landed a couple of nice king mackerel rather quickly and hooked several sharks.  Continued trolling and then a fish took the short bait.  It jumped out the water to let us know that it was dolphin (Mahi Mahi). After landing the dolphin the bite slowed down so we headed somewhere else to try and pick up a cobia or two.  We fished a wreck a couple of miles away to have non-stop amberjack action, the reef donkeys!  We trolled a little more before we were about to head in when had three fish on at the same time.  Each one of us fought a fish for about 20 mintues.  It turned out that I had a cobia and they both had more reef donkeys! It was a great day of fishing and a good ride back in.

Kings, Dolphin, Cobia

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