Q: Do you need to buy a fishing license?

A: No, my license covers everyone on the boat.

Q: What kind of clothing should you bring?

A: I recommend you cover up as much as the weather will allow. It always feels a few degrees colder on the water than it does on land. Due to different weather conditions (such as change in wind direction), it is possible that you may get wet. You might want to bring water-friendly clothes. There are ponchos available if needed. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a cap.

Q: Should you bring a camera?

A: That is up to you. I do keep a good camera on board and will take several pictures for you. After the trip, I will email you the photos at no charge.

Q: Will you be able to keep you catch?

A: Yes, any fish you catch you will be able to keep. Just make sure you bring a large cooler to transport them home in.

Q: What can you do to lower the chances of getting sea sick?

A: I recommend if you are unsure if you might get sick to take dramamine the night before the trip. There are also several different over the counter options, the patches seem to work good as well.

Q: How much deposit is required?

A: Normally, a credit card number is the deposit. If you fail to show the day of the charter or cancel within 72 hours of the trip, a $100 charge will be charged to the credit card.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: You are allowed 72 hours before the trip to cancel and get your deposit back. If the trip is canceled due to bad weather conditions, you will be refunded your full deposit. The trip can be canceled the day of the charter or the night before if conditions are not safe. When the trip is in question, Captain makes final decision.

Q: What kind of payments do I take?

A: Cash, Certified Check, Paypal (allows you to use credit cards or your bank account)

Tipping is not mandatory but always appreciated.

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