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Huge King Mackerel (39.5 lbs) out of Carolina Beach

Had a two boat trip today in search of some sharks.  Left out of the inlet and there was bait everywhere, but nothing was biting. We decided to make a run in search of more sharks.  After a slow bite and not picking up anything, the other boat was able to land two sharks back to back.  The bite died again so we decided to do some more trolling and pick up a king or two.  Found some smaller bait balls and as I passed over it one of the rods went off.  I knew by the sound of the reel that this was defiantly a smoker.  After I got the other lines up I had to run to the fish so we did not get spooled.  Since we were shark fishing today I did not have my larger gaff in the boat, just my smaller one.  When we got the fish to the boat I realized how nice the fish really was.  I gaffed him and it took all I could to get him into the boat.  This fish went for 39.5 lbs when he was weighed in at Island Tackle.  We got resituated and once we found the bait again another reel went off.  The young man fought the fish well and we ended up landing a 17 lb king.  After getting the lines in we ran back to the boat ramp so we could get the final weight of the big king.  

39.5 lb king39.5 lb king again17 lb king

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