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Hot inshore action: Flounder, Trout, and Drum

We had been hammered by the weather for over a week.  Finally, around the holiday the weather gave us a break and plenty of sunshine.  We headed out early in the morning to beat the boat traffic and to get into the early morning trout bite.   After a little bit of instruction the lines went into the water and from that point on we had non stop action.  We were catching fish as fast as we could get the baits in the water.  We caught 30+ speckled trout ranging from 12 inches up to 23 inches and there was also some lady fish mixed in which was fun as well.  We left the trout to search out some reds and again we got into some nice action.  We caught several nice just under slot fish and we were also able to land a couple of slot fish.  After catching 2 of the 3 inshore slam species we had to go after the flounder.  We moved again in search of a flounder to finish our inshore slam.  The action was a little slower but we were able to land a nice flounder on a rage shrimp to seal the deal.  The weather should be good for a while so I will keep posting some more updates shortly.




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